2015 - Yoga Retreat Sri Lanka

DSC 0757  amazing lagoon. folderthumb DSC 0032  fishing boat. DSC 0086p  Great place for birding.
DSC 0194p  kudawella. DSC 0093 DSC 0222p  kudawella DSC 0108p
DSC 0237  beach yoga. DSC 0218  kudawella surfers. DSC 0295 DSC 0306
DSC 0624  therese DSC 0302  lagoon DSC 0704p  Sudu on the board. DSC 0609  therese
DSC 0260 DSC 0908p  beautiful house. DSC 0961  fishing boats at the crack of dawn. DSC 0913  Madilla road along the beach.
P1040544  madilla beach. P1060686p  yoga on the rooftop. P1030512  king coconuts. P1020464
P1040561  Tangalle market. P1070764  Tangalle market. P1080804p  lagoon P1070769  Tangalle market.
P1070789  peacock land guest house. P1080855p  something very funny... P1121104  paddling. P1151229  yoga on the rooftop.
P1100988 P1100995  breakfast time. P1151352p  Mulkirigala Rock Monastery P1141139  local breakfast: String hopper, rotti, dhal, coconut sambol,
P1151384  The largest buddha statue in Sri Lanka at Wekurukannala  Vihara P1151409p P1161485p  beach before the rain. P1151460  cannon ball flower.
P1151369p  Mulkirigala Rock Monastery P1171546  therese P1151445p  elephant bath. P1191809  Niwella beach.
P1181645  Tangalle market. P1212033  fruits with buffalo yoghurt and palm syrup. P1211952  Barefoot time is a good time! P1212015  fresh coconut from Nilantha  every morning.
PC290312p  yoga with local friends.